Founded in 2003, eyeBLINK is a multicultural not-for-profit organization committed to promoting social change through theatre, dance, music and fashion. By producing and nurturing works that challenge traditions, preconceptions, and stereotypes, we strive to redefine entertainment and its role in our society.

By drawing on various cultural experiences as well as personal struggles and triumphs, we believe that the creative art form's voice, integral to a society's consciousness, can bring together people of all backgrounds so that we may appreicate our differences.

eyeBLINK acts as both an educational tool for the worldwide community about multicultural entertainment as well as a performance arena for established and budding multicultural actors, directors, and performers.

Some of eyeBLINK'S specific goals are to:

  • Develop quality productions with innovative and cutting edge performances
  • Showcase the work and talent of multicultural artists
  • Offer artists a workshop environment to allow them to network and collaborate with peers
  • Educate the community-at-large about multicultural issues/conflicts, thus erasing prevalent stereotypes and allow the notion that diversity can work
  • Provide multicultural artists with a voice that represents their culture and concerns
  • Produce and run a full-length show for several weeks in New York
  • Host a series of readings based on multicultural themes
  • Commission artists to a create a project specifically for eyeBLINK
  • Collaborate with other companies to complete productions

Potential Future Activities of eyeBLINK:

  • Conduct artist workshops, where artists come together for a day to create dramatic exercises and to network with each other for future collaborations
  • Work with training schools and universities to educate their students about multicultural entertainment
  • Create established artist advisory groups which will be available to provide feedback for and help develop the work of artists who desire guidance


In 2003, eyeBLINK began with a single play, Beneath the Banyan Tree, and it was the goal of Founding Artistic Director Qurrat Ann Kadwani and Business Manager Obaid Kadwani, to produce an innovative play that would reach audiences everywhere. The successful productions of BTBT led to an expansion of the Theatre Department that included various projects for actors, directors and playwrights. 2005 brought the Special Events department that produced events that included a variety of entertainment, such as dance, music and fashion. This department also runs eyeBLINK's charitable project, Pizza for the Homeless. In 2006, eyeBLINK Dance was formed as a forum for emerging dancers and choreographers who want to collaborate with multicultural dance styles.

We at eyeBLINK look forward to many more years of bringing you shows that expand your minds about multiculturalism and its role in our communities; that allow you to think critically about the issues that surround us; and most importantly, feed your mind and soul.