Beneath The Banyan Tree

Beneath the Banyan Tree
*The magical journey of life*
A play by Brooke Pierce
Based on a concept by Qurrat Ann Kadwani

Beneath the Banyan Tree is a theater piece inspired by the folktales of India. With a cast of 7 and a running time of one hour and 45 minutes, the play follows the progress of two individuals looking for their place and purpose in the world, and who find it at the base of a majestic banyan tree. There is Dukhu, a young woman who loses her family through her carelessness and greed, and then must set about righting her wrongs and finding a new home for herself. Then there’s the prince who sheds his royal heritage so that he can find peace in living the life of a Mystic – but he finds that his journey does not end there.

As Dukhu and the Mystic go on their individual paths (which cross more than once), they encounter a world where stories are always unfolding around them. An insatiable demon is defeated by a hair. A boy sets up shop and puts his wisdom for sale. A poor man and his wife learn that fate can be outwitted. Seeing so much magic in the world and forming friendships with the people she meets helps reawaken Dukhu’s love of life. And the Mystic, in his travels, finally discovers the meaning of his destiny which was told to him long ago.

In addition to featuring theatrical retellings of many well-known Indian folk stories, Beneath the Banyan Tree also celebrates the tradition and heritage of India through dance, costume, and music. The themes of the play – which include the dangers of greed, the value of caring for others, and the need to find a place to call home – are universal. Beneath the Banyan Tree celebrates the connections we all share.

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