eyeBLINK Dance

Dance – (noun) a series of movements used as a form of expression or social interaction, and presented in a spiritual or performance setting. (wiktionary.com)

As the need to understand our global neighbors continues to grow, eyeBLINK Dance brings you performances and events from around the world. We showcase works that not only celebrate our individual heritage, but also mirror the diverse community that we thrive in today. eyeBLINK Dance serves as a creative platform that promotes interaction and exchange between dancers and audiences from various backgrounds.

“Dance is not a technique but a way of expression that comes more closely to the inner language of man than any other." - George Borodin

eyeBLINK Dance brings together dancers and artists with multi-disciplinary training to develop original thought provoking works. We value the creative process and are excited to advance innovative ideas into full productions. Our dance events encourage collaborative choreography that demonstrates the blending of cultures in our modern world, while preserving the unique voice and integrity of older dance traditions.

eyeBLINK dance welcomes artists and dancers interested in presenting works. There is an open submission call for dancers interested in inter-disciplinary styles. We also invite comments, ideas, donations and suggestions from our patrons. Please email dance@eyeblink.org for submissions and more information.

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