Past Seasons

2005-2006 Season

Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Asian America Theater
June 18-20, 2006
East West Players in Downtown Los Angeles

eyeBLINK was a proud participant in "Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Asian American Theatre," the first ever Asian American National Theater Conference held June 18-20, 2006 at East West Players in Downtown Los Angeles.

eyeBLINK was involved in the initial planning stages of the conference as a member of the REGIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE representing the East Coast.

At the conference, Business Manager, Obaid Kadwani participated in an open forum on The South Asian Theatre Movement in America. While eyeBLINK is more multicultural than South Asian, we are open to all discussions on closing the gap between entertainment and diverse peoples.

Other participating companies in the forum included Pangea World Theatre, The Silk Road Theatre Project, Post Natyam, Disha Theatre, Lodestone Theatre, Desipine, Artwallah, Rasa Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, M'olelo, Shunya Theatre, Arth Arts among others.

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American Colors
Producers Club Grand Theatre
358 West 44th Street

The 2005 – 2006 season was filled with many productions of American Colors. We featured mostly European playwrights whom we consider a part of the cherished theatrical landscape. They are often deemed as educators for the contemporary plays that exist today refining realism as well as the absurd in theater history. Following the setup of American Colors, we split each of these plays in either two or three sections, obtained directors for each part with different multicultural casts. The result was theatre unlike any other; actors translated the themes and characters into what made sense for them in society today; directors enabled these classic plays that were extremely cutting-edge in their time to be redefined for audiences so that they would still be deemed as thought-provoking.

An Evening of Harold Pinter featuring The Betrayal, July 28 -29, 2006
Directed by: Khary Wilson, Anthony Pound
With: Qurrat Ann Kadwani, David Beukema, Steve Eshenbaugh, Nina Mehta, Charles Heermann, Josh Marcantel

An Evening of Eugene Ionesco featuring The Bald Soprano, May 20, 2006
Directed by: Nathaniel Merchant, Khary Wilson
With: Wendy Pate Clifford, Sue-Min Chung, Nicholas Daniele, David Root, Adia Tucker, Nisha Beech, Donald Gilmore, Charles Heermann, Nina Mehta, James Edward Shippy

An Evening of August Strindberg featuring Comrades, March 25, 2006
Directed by: Anthony Pound, Khary Wilson, Jana Mattioli
With: Patrick Askin, Jessie Fahay, Wendy Pate Clifford, Gregory Casimir, Nisha Beech, Natalie Flores, James Shippy, Nina Mehta, Tania Jeudy, Drew Hinckley, Mimi Austensen

An Evening of Anton Chekhov featuring Uncle Vanya and The Seagull, January 28, 2006
Directed by: Jim Jaworski, Sandra Madsen
With: Oliver Conant, Tanya Drago, Wael Haggiagi, David Madee, Lindsay Strachan, Rose Beltz, Ilona Farkas, Tia Jennings, Chris Malone, Alice Oh, Maria Scavullo, Kerreu Soares, Brett Wallace, Antwan Ward

An Evening of Samuel Beckett featuring Waiting for Godot, December 3, 2005
Directed by:Benesha Bobo, Andrea Castro, Jeffrey Oneill
With: Dorcas Davis, Frances Turner, Mallory Green, David Giangola, Ishrat Hoque, Tye Rainford, Mark Howard, Rose Beltz, Lana Stimmler, Matt McCarthy, Gregory Casimir, Samantha Schlossmann, Brett Wallace

An Evening of Henrik Ibsen featuring A Doll’s House, Master Builder and When We Dead Awaken, October 22, 2005
Directed by: Noah Burger, Michael Hidalgo, Jeffrey O’Neill
With: Obaid Kadwani, Demetra Balodimas, Shelly Bhalla, Eric Burns, Jessie Fahay, Matt McCarthy, Yamille Penagos, Lana Stimmler, Jon Stuyvesant, Ying-Yu Tan

An Evening of William Inge featuring Come Back Little Sheba and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, September 17, 2005
Directed by: Paula J. Riley, The Cast
With: Shelly Bhalla, Eric Burns, Camille Delgado, Miguel Emir, Steve Hill, Cinda Lawrence, Nathan LeBron, Tye Rainford, Julia Royter, Tom Summers

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Tomorrow's Gold! New Work Series:

The Moon Away
By Edward Crosby Wells
Directed by Khary Wilson
Stage managed by Puja Ogale

June 24, 2006
48th Street Studios
358 West 48th St.

Rose Beltz, Nisha Beech, Donald Gilmore, Nazareth Haysbert, Drew Hinckley, Jake Suffian

The Moon Away was selected out of many original plays that were submitted for the first reading of Tomorrow’s Gold! Based on a true story, this powerful and intense drama takes place between September 1984 and April 1985. Joe, a photographer in southern New Mexico while grappling with his identity as a gay man, is suddenly thrown into a nightmare world when he is wrongly accused of criminal sexual contact with a minor. The story follows seven months of his life as he struggles to overcome his obstacles. Dream sequences and flashbacks take the audience on a surreal journey through the nightmare world of the inner-self and the hostile environment in which Joe finds himself.

A Q&A with the audience followed.

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eyeBLINK Special Events:

Wild Girls
Emcee: Obaid Kadwani

August 24, 2005
Exit Art
475 Tenth Ave

Wild Girls, A NY-night of Fashion, Art and Dance, was a multicultural fundraiser held at the edgy art gallery Exit Art in midtown Manhattan. This event was geared to an international crowd. The goal of the event was to create a multicultural smorgasbord of sound, color and taste in a funky, edgy setting. Throughout the night, there was complimentary wine and French beer flowing. Fine hors d'oeuvres of different specialty cheeses circulated throughout the venue. There were dances including a faceoff duet of Indian classical and flamenco by Rakhi and Nikki and 5 styles of belly dance by Ina and Apsara. 3 different singers regaled the crowd with various styles of songs. The event was capped by a fashion show by designers Samina Mughal and Will Hunter. The multi-cultural models sashayed down the catwalk in club wear, beach wear, street wear and lingerie. Aveda Natural Look Salon provided hair and make-up for everyone involved with the evening. New Look Salon and Spa provided complimentary henna tattoos for all guests throughout the evening.

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